Hello Bully’s Pit Bull Prep School is a basic obedience and behavioral intervention course designed for dogs 11 months and up. This class will teach you how to better communicate with your dog and is ideal for improving your bond with your dog. We will focus on basic manners such as sit, down, watch me, name recognition, stay, and leave it.

There are many different schools of thought on dog training. The smartest and most effective approach is to reinforce behaviors we like, and ignore or interrupt behaviors we don’t like. While some people prefer the “old school” method of dominance and punishment, science is on the side of positive reinforcement. More importantly, we want our dogs to look forward to training!

You want your dog to learn – not just follow commands. Communication is key. If your dog doesn’t know what “sit” means, it’s useless to say “sit, sit, sit, sit…” Imagine being given directions in a totally foreign language… by another species! This class will help you learn to better communicate with you dogs and how to teach them what you’d like them to do.

For information and to sign up, please visit http://www.hellobully.com/pit-bull-prep-school/

If you would like to make an additional donation, or if you would like to make a donation towards this outreach effort, please visit www.hellobully.org and make a PayPal donation, noting that it is for the Pit Bull Prep School Program. Thank you!

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